Harmony Of Opposites

Pebrero 5, 2011

Photo by TJ Gallardo

The universe is governed by two opposites: gravitation and pressure. Extreme pressures that exist inside the cores of all heavenly objects such as stars, planets and quasars might tell us many things about the source of gravitation. And the gravity they produce keeps bodies from exploding for a certain period of time. But bodies do not remain intact for eternity, that’s why there are supernovas. The cores of planets and stars might be small black holes coated by “stable matter,” the matter as we see, with normal pressure and nuclear compositions. Or maybe sometimes they are broken into smaller black holes and later become planets as they attract more sable matters floating in space.

Particles, smaller than quarks, are so dense inside the cores, maybe hundreds of thousand pounds per square inch, that they emit gravitational field several miles from the core. They are not pressurized by any outside force, they are in the original state of matter. During supernovas, matters that are thrown away from the core lose pressure and thus lose gravitation to the point that they can only pull their own electrons around them and become stable matters.

Gravitation and relativity are greater than we imagine. All movements in the universe are curved. All objects, that are supposed to go in straight line because of inertia, are moving in curved lines because of gravity. Our solar system is just a gravitational cluster that is affected by a greater gravitational center, its galaxy’s core. Even galaxies are affected by a greater gravity somewhere, perhaps from the cosmic egg.

It’s just an opinion…


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