Higgs Found, Then What?

Hulyo 15, 2012

The $10 billion Large Hadron Collider [LHC] finally found a Higgs-like boson. They are still not sure if its the Higgs boson or not. However, they said that it is a boson and there is a discovery of a new particle. But does it qualify as the very particle where every matter originated? Does it really provide the hint why matter has mass?

In my opinion, LHC particle physicists are heading at the wrong direction. The Higgs boson theory is a misconception. They concluded that the the prime particle is sub-atomic. What if it’s way beyond sub-atomic? What if it too small for us to see it at present? Physicists always insist the matter vs. anti-matter theory.

Lets take a look at black holes. They could provide us the answers why matter has mass. Matter inside them is so unstable,  which means the amount of pressure is so high but the amount of gravity is enough to hold back pressure from pushing unstable matter to disintegration. Black holes [unstable matter] compared to rocks [stable matter] might give us a hint on how gravity works. It could be unstable matter vs. stable matter. That means, super-compressed matter has the amount of gravity inversely proportional to its enormous pressure.

Once unstable matter reaches breaking point, it explodes and gives birth to a star. Debris will become stable matter and loses gravitational pull. Some debris retain some unstable matter inside but coated by stable materials it attracts through the remaining gravitational pull capacity, thus, planets were born. The normal star still has a little unstable matter inside its core so when it reaches another breaking point it explodes, so we have nova, then supernova. The last stage is when it turns into a smaller black hole.

Recent discovery of a giant black hole at the center of a galaxy made scientists to think again about the present understanding of the life cycle of stars. More than that, we should also ask: “Does it hold the key to discovering gravity and the cause of our existence?


2 Tugon to “Higgs Found, Then What?”

  1. tomagulto Says:

    exciting… kakatuwa na merong tumutugaygay; at ikaw pa… sige lang. magparami kayong kabataan na magpakahusay sa agham, marami pa kayong hahabulin pag-aaralan at syempre kontribusyon, mga bagong karunungan…

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